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Multi-Office Connectivity

Connect your offices, consolidate your lines and save money!

Hybrid Hosted Approach
  Our approach to business communications allows your corporation to save money not only on equipment but on the number of phone lines you need.

Using the hybrid hosted approach your PBX sits in our data centre and is then directly connected to the phone network. This allows you to connect your offices together using one phone system, allowing you to share your phone lines instead of being limited to lines on a per location basis.
Traditional Approach 
  Traditional phone systems do not take advantage of pooling your lines together. Each of your locations needs to have enough lines to accomidate the number of calls you think you will recieve at one time.

If each location has 8 analog lines, and one location has eight people on the phone, the nineth caller will recieve a busy signal. It is not able to use a line from another office to accept the call.


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